Waggin' Cent$

KPOCU understands your pets are very important, and you want the best for them. Pets are wonderful companions, but owning one is a big responsibility that includes a financial commitment. Not to mention keeping your pet in style with the latest grooming, fashions, accessories, toys, and treats!

That's why KPOCU developed Waggin' Cent$, a pet program designed especially for KPOCU members. The program consists of a savings account, reduced-rate loan, and pet insurance offered through Petplan. Find out more about each of these products Readmore



Meet Rider

Rider KPOCU's Waggin' Cent$ Mascot

Meet Rider, the Waggin' Cent$ pet program mascot! Rider invites all KPOCU pet parents to continue to submit their pet photos to the photo gallery — he enjoys having lots of friends!

Rider loves the holiday season, and was excited about sending members with an open, active Waggin' Cent$ savings account a $10.00 Pet Smart gift card for Christmas!

Rider knows that in today's economy, pet parents need all the help they can get to properly care for their pets, and he hopes all KPOCU pet owners will take advantage of the Waggin' Cent$ program. It’s more than just setting aside savings for pet expenses; there are reduced-rate loans for unexpected, major vet bills, and even pet insurance!